Waxing, Hair Removal & Tinting

Hot Waxing Treatments

Debbie Clare is a waxing specialist, providing the most comfortable, thorough waxing and long lasting results.

More Comfortable - Hot Wax is on the skin for longer and has a slightly higher use temperature so it warms the skin and encourages the follicle to open, to release the hair more easily.

Longer Lasting Results - Hot Wax thoroughly grabs onto the hair to ensure a better removal and longer lasting results

Less Skin Ageing - Hot Wax drys and raises off the skin and a pre-oil is used which all ensures your skin is left felling very comfortable and not affected by having a waxin treatment.

No Ingrowing Hairs - A Hot Wax leaves you with fewer bumps and unsightly blemishes as the hair is removed so well it grows back straighter and with less chance of not breaking through and getting infected.


Eyebrow Wax (strip/hot) (15 mins) £6.00

Chin or Lip Wax (strip/hot) (15 mins) £6.00

Chin & Lip Wax (strip/hot) (15 mins) £10.00

Inderarm Wax (strip/hot) (10 mins) £8.00

Bikini Wax (strip/hot) (15) £11.00

G-String Wax (strip/hot) (15) £13.00

Brazilian Wax (strip/hot) (20 mins) £25.00

Hollywood Wax (strip/hot) (20 mins) £29.00

Full Leg Wax (strip) (15) £19.00

Half Leg Wax (strip) (15 mins) £12.00

Abdomen or Lower Back Wax (15 mins) £10.00

Forearm Wax (strip) (10) £9.00

Full Arm Wax (strip) (15 mins) £13.00


Eyebrow Thread (15 mins) £8.00

Eyebrow Tread, Lip & Chin Hot Wax (25 mins) £18.00


Eyelash Tint (10 mins) £8.00

Eyebrow Tint (10 mins) £6.00

Eyebrow Wax, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint (25 mins) £17.00